We Provide Professional Tire Removal for All Cities and Locations in Ontario.

No matter where you are located in Ontario, Micor will take care of all your tire removal needs within 24 hours of your phone call.

North Route
Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie

Southwest Route
Toronto to Windsor

East Route
Toronto to Cornwall

Micor Recycling is able to provide top of the line servicing to all our clients by having representatives on the ground in these territories, who are able to take care of all your needs within a timely fashion. Please call us at (416) 661-8894 to speak to one of our service representatives in your area or email us at sales@micorrecycling.com.

Micor Recycling has trucks and transport trailers of all sizes in order to handle clean-ups of any size. Through its recent expansion, Micor Recycling  now has the ability to service any and all municipalities in Ontario. Email us at sales@micorrecycling.com.

micor recycling truck

• Small pick-ups include all independent tire stores, automotive mechanic shops, dealerships or any order of 30 to 400 tires.
 Chain stores – Micor has daily, weekly and monthly scheduled pick-ups with many of the leading tire chains in Ontario. If you are a tire chain and have multiple locations, Micor can handle all your needs.
• Large orders – Micor Recycling is able to handle all large clean-ups in a time effective way. If you are a Municipality in need of a large clean-up, Micor has the equipment as well as the expertise to do the job. Simply call us at (416) 661-8894. 

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Micor is active in the exporting of tires to all parts of the world. We have shipped tractor trailer loads to Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, and many other countries. We handle orders of all sizes. The minimum order for exports is one tractor trailer load, roughly 1200 tires. All export orders are FOB, Toronto, Ontario.

For all your export needs, anywhere in the world call (416) 661-8894
or email us at sales@micorrecycling.com